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Dan Wheeler

"My name is DAN WHEELER. I'm a carpenter, wood turner and musician. I was born and raised in Pine Plains NY , my family goes back many generations in PP and I'm a good share Shecomico Indian which lived in PP area. I turn my bowls from firewood  I find or have been given by friends, all local. I try not to set out to make a certain type or style of bowl, for once I start turning the wood talks to me, so I end up what it wants to be. I know this sounds corny,  but the wood has knots imperfections and maybe rot and these all dictate what it will become. I don't like to duplicate bowls, therefore every bowl is an original one of a kind, and has a beauty all it's own. My bowls are coated with mineral oil so are safe to eat out of. though I suspect most remain a piece of art. and that's ok too."