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Jason Amis' Bird Abodes

Jason Amis is a yoga teacher, healing massage therapist, and artist, finding comfort and community in his practice, whether on the mat or at his workbench. 

His sculptural materials found him, rather than vice versa. Growing up in the Colorado mountains and the Arizona desert, he was the guy who made cairns out of boulders and rocks, and learned sage wisdom from the cacti. Now living in Putnam Valley, in an old growth forest in the intentional community of Three Arrows, Jason walks and hikes and clears trails, listening to the trees and gathering twigs and bits of bark, marveling at the natural ecosystems on the forest understory. A fondness for native birds gave him the idea to create natural, small houses for a bird, a chipmunk, or as pure object, a habitat for life and curiosity. (Light up the inside for glowing wonder).

Each Bird Abode is made of natural materials and will evolve over time as the twigs and bark and lichen and moss continue to age, and depending upon setting, indoors or out.