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MacLaren Fixtures : Decorative Architectural Porcelain Cast to Order

The idea for the MacLaren Fixture Company flickered to life in a kitchen of a handsome, shingled one-time farm house while admiring the home's flush mount light fixtures. The realization that nothing as beautiful as the antique porcelain ones in that kitchen and pantry could be sourced, led to the creation of MacLaren Fixture Company. Initial inspiration was followed by a careful process of sketching designs, then eventually prototypes were thrown on the potter’s wheel, fired and glazed, then assessed on their aesthetic and practical merits.

Models of each design for production are made which serve as masters for the molds. To produce the cast piece, clay slip, a porcelain formula which fires to a warm white, is poured into the mold.  Fixtures are first bisque then glaze fired.  Glazes include Gloss Clear, Gloss Black, Gloss Lavender Gray, Burnished White, and Mottled Yellow.  Other colors can be produced by request.