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Michael Gallagher: Out of the Studio - En Plein Air in Dutchess County

Michael Gallagher is regarded as one of the foremost conservators of Old Master paintings working in the world today. He has had the privilege of conserving masterpieces by artists as diverse as Botticelli, Rubens, Titian and Velazquez, and since 2005 has led the prestigious department of painting conservation at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.


However, for far longer than he has been a conservator of paintings, he has had a different passion - making his own artwork.


"In May 2011 I visited Dutchess County for the first time with my husband, Mark Powell. We immediately fell in love with the area and so made a home here. The work displayed in this exhibition was all painted there, a few miles away, in Clinton Corners. It is rooted in my response to landscape, changing seasons and light, and created exclusively “plein air” - that is, outside and in real time. I hope my paintings reflect the immediacy of this experience: deeply personal, yet communicating a universal affinity to natural beauty that is central to our lives and well-being.”